What is included in roof replacement?

What Is Included In A Complete Roof Replacement |

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What Is Included In A Complete Roof Replacement
  • Tearing off shingles. You can tell a lot about a roof's overall condition by the well-being of its shingles. ...
  • The roof's decking. ...
  • The underlayment. ...
  • Apply new flashing. ...
  • Drip edging and ice dam protection.
Apr 24, 2019

What is the easiest roof to build?

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Gable Style Shed Roof
A gable style is the easiest to build, but offers very little storage in the attic. Unless of course you have a very steep pitch on your trusses or rafters. Then you will have more storage. The steeper the pitch though, the harder it is to put shingles on.