How much do roofers make per job?

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How much does a Roofer make in Australia?
CityAverage salary
Roofer in Sydney NSW 24 salaries$39.56 per hour
Roofer in Brisbane QLD 12 salaries$38.75 per hour
Roofer in Melbourne VIC 6 salaries$38.88 per hour
Roofer in Perth WA 13 salaries$27.27 per hour
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Feb 27, 2020

Can you roof over existing shingles?

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The answer is yes, you can lay new roof shingles over old ones. ... You can't do it with wood or slate, for example, and you should never mix materials, such as laying asphalt shingles over cedar shakes. Also, the old roofing has to be in pretty good condition. Otherwise you're just putting lipstick on a pig.

Which is better light or dark roof shingles?

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Light shingles deflect sunlight and help keep temperatures down in hotter climates, while dark shingles absorb heat and help homes stay warm in colder climates. Dark shingles also help snow and ice on your roof melt faster.Jun 3, 2016